What is Dincat

Què és DincatThe Dincat group is made up of non-profit bodies working in the field of intellectual disability, offering a three-pronged service:

  • to people who have intellectual disability, their families and their life in the community;
  • to the social and associative activities of bodies that provide support to people with intellectual disability, as well as offering services in a variety of areas, and
  • to the economic activity of member bodies and to the promotion of social economy.

In order to carry out its work for people with intellectual disability, the group is organized into four areas:

  • Dincat Federation represents the mission of working towards and guaranteeing the rights of people with intellectual disability and their families; this involves working to raise the awareness of administrations and society in general of the needs and rights of this collective.
  • Dincat Foundation manages the programmes run directly by the group: Accepta (prisons), International Cooperation, Immigrants, PADIVA (multiple disabilities), PAF (family care) and Holidays. It also establishes relations between Dincat and the private sector.
  • Dincat Management association is responsible for negotiating collective agreements, dialoguing with social agents and reflecting on conditions at centres and the services provided by the associated bodies.
  • Dincat Federation of associations of parents of pupils with intellectual disability brings together and represents parents who have school-age children with intellectual disability, both at mainstream schools and special education centres.