The European organization of intellectual disability, Inclusion Europe, celebrates a meeting Board in Barcelona


The Board of Inclusion Europe, the European organization that includes 60 entities, of 40 countries, that defends the rights of persons with intellectual disability and of their families, was in Barcelona celebrating a board meeting.


They have come to Barcelona, among others, the President of the organization, Ivo Vykydal, and the vice-presidents Maureen Piggot and Andrew Doyle. Three persons of support have come to accompany the members of Inclusion Europe with intellectual disability.

The decision to celebrate the meeting in Barcelona, for the first time, has obeyed to an invitation of Jordi Costa, who is the representative of the Confederación FEAPS and of Dincat (Intellectual disability Catalonia) in Inclusion Europe, in more of being a vice-president of Dincat Federation. Some of the subjects that have been discussed in the meeting are the strategy to promote the supported decision-making of the persons with intellectual disability. The way to achieve an inclusive education has been another of the argued subjects.

The follow-up of the implementation of International Convention of United Nations about the Rights of the Persons with Disability in the different states also was discussed. In having ratified this Convention, Spain has the duty to adapt its laws and regulations to allow the effective fulfillment of these rights. Friday 5th November (from 2-4 pm), the members of Inclusion Europe met in Dincat offices with a group of members of the European Parliament and Catalan deputies to talk about the work to make in pro of the application of the Convention, in the Spanish Courts as well as in the Catalan Parliament.

The representatives of Inclusion Europe were in Barcelona until Saturday 6th at noon. Before leaving, they had visited several Catalan entities, like a hostel where work employees with intellectual disability, a center of resources for the inclusive education and an occupational center.

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