Our values

ValorsDincat will at all times, in its actions, be guided by the principles of solidarity between members, internal cohesion, transparency, agility, effectiveness, quality of management, commitment to a positive influence on the situation and democratic participation. It will also encourage a close relationship with member bodies and their joint work.

Following these principles, we undertake coherently and efficiently to apply the following shared values.

Values related to people with intellectual disability:

  • First and foremost, the commitment to people: ensuring that the defence of rights, quality of life and equality of opportunities of people with intellectual disability is always the ultimate aim and the essential principle of all actions.
  • Dignity and equality: people with disability are full citizens, with the same rights and responsibilities as any other. This includes the right to aspire to the highest possible level of quality of life, in every respect: emotional wellbeing; good interpersonal relations; material wellbeing; development of individuals in personal, social and work situations; physical wellbeing; self-determination; social inclusion, and exercise of rights and responsibilities.

Values related to the family:

  • Equality: just like people with intellectual disability, their families, over and above their singularity and differences, have similar rights, obligations and needs to any other family in the community in which they live.

Values related to the associated organizations:

  • Transparency in their running.
  • Commitment to their mission.
  • Competence, working for the effectiveness and efficiency of their actions.
  • Sustainability, organizing activities to allow the continuity of these organizations.
  • Openness to participation of all the interest groups and collectives involved.