Our mission

Dincat’s mission is to defend people with intellectual disability and their families in the geographical area of Catalonia and help them to exercise their full rights. Another aspect of Dincat’s central mission is to promote the quality of life of the collective, defend the interests of member bodies and provide the services they require.

This mission takes the form of:

  • Defending the rights of people with intellectual disability, over and above any other priority or interest.
  • Working for the personal and social promotion of people with intellectual disability, their inclusion in society and at work, and their quality of life and independence.
  • Helping to improve the quality of life, non-discrimination and equality of opportunities of the families of people with intellectual disability.
  • Promoting, coordinating, encouraging and attending to member bodies by defending their interests and providing them with services.

In addition, we will be promoting alliances and collaboration projects with other networks with a view to taking an active part in the wellbeing of people belonging to similar collectives.