The Dincat group was set up in 2010 as a joint initiative of three organizations with years of experience in the world of intellectual disability in Catalonia, which joined forces to help the people and the bodies they represented. These groups came together as a result of awareness of their shared values and mission, in addition to the determination of each of the bodies to independently pursue its own line of work.


APPS-Federació catalana pro persones amb discapacitat intel·lectual

The Federació Catalana pro persones amb discapacitat intel·lectual (APPS) dates from March 1973, when a small provincial group was set up to promote people with intellectual disability, made up of eight associations of parents and other bodies of a social bent, located in the province of Barcelona. The group became a federation in 1978 by the agreement of the General Assembly, extending its scope of action to the whole of Catalonia.

The APPS has always been characterized by its proximity to member bodies and joint work. The principles of solidarity, transparency, agility, revitalization, efficiency and participation have always been present in its day-to-day running.

The APPS came to comprise over 260 affiliated bodies all over Catalonia with differing legal status (associations, foundations, cooperatives, etc.) that provide services to the collective of people with intellectual disability.

The APPS Federation was declared a non-profit organization in 1983 and was awarded the Creu de Sant Jordi award in 1990.

Logo coordinadora

Coordinadora de Tallers per a Persones amb Discapacitat Psíquica de Catalunya

Coordinadora de Tallers per a Persones amb Discapacitat Psíquica de Catalunya was formally set up in 1978, though its work began in early 1974. In the course of these years, it has represented and brought together a considerable number of non-profit bodies all over Catalonia that run work- and care-related services for people with mental disability.

The basic aims of the Coordinadora have been to defend the rights of people with mental disability, promote them personally and socially, see to their integration at work and improve their quality of life and independence.

Altogether, the Coordinadora de Tallers per a Persones amb Discapacitat Psíquica de Catalunya has comprised 73 associated bodies that run 318 services for people with mental disability, attending to 12,534 people with a disability.

The Coordinadora was awarded the Francesc Macià Plaque in 1991 and the Creu de Sant Jordi prize in 1999 by the Generalitat de Catalunya Catalan Autonomous Government.


Logo patronal

APPS-Associació empresarial d’economia social (Social economy management association)

This association was set up in 1994 to negotiate and sign collective agreements for the sector. It was constituted by 12 bodies affiliated to the APPS and the APPS Federation. It had a management committee for the first few months until elections for the Board of Directors were held.

In 2007, the presidents of APPS Federation and APPS Associació empresarial d’economia social signed a document to coordinate their actions in order to work more closely together and complement each other, with a view to their future integration, which took place on 28 April 2010.