Facts and figures

Dades BàsiquesDincat is the central reference for intellectual disability in Catalonia. This role is legitimated by the force of the bodies and the people that make up Dincat:

  • Over 300 associated bodies.
  • 31,000 people with intellectual disability receive attention from the various services offered by the associated bodies (7 out of 10 people with intellectual disability in Catalonia).
  • 12,0000 professionals work for our associated bodies, of which 5,500 are people with intellectual disability.
  • Joining forces: Dincat is the Catalan representative for people with intellectual disability in their dealings with Catalan, Spanish and international organizations such as COCARMI, Taula d'entitats del Tercer Sector Social de Catalunya, FEAPS, Inclusion Europe and Inclusion International.

The organizations that initially formed Dincat, APPS-Federació catalana pro persones amb discapacitat intel·lectual (Catalan Federation for People with Intellectual Disability) and Coordinadora de Tallers per a persones amb discapacitat psíquica de Catalunya (Catalan Coordinating Committee of Workshops for People with Mental Disability), are backed by a history of over three decades at the service of people with intellectual disability.