Areas of work

The defence and representation of the associated bodies are organized into nine main areas: Daytime care, Early care, Self-managers, Education, Families and Association membership, Housing, Work, Leisure and Guardianship. Each of these areas involves the following actions:

  • Proposing a model of care and functioning in each area.
  • Representing the collective on all sectoral boards and forums.
  • Defending, as an employers’ association, the management interests of the associated bodies.
  • Offering services to improve the daily running of the bodies.
  • Informing, advising and monitoring grants and subsidies in each area.
  • Promoting the continuing training of managers and professionals in the sector.
  • Providing initial legal assistance to deal with incidents faced by the group’s associated organizations.
  • Promoting processes of innovation and research to improve the guidance and services offered by the associated bodies.